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'One million' public sector workers go on strike

Over a million public sector workers are taking industrial action against the Government in a series of rows over pay, pensions, jobs, conditions and spending cuts, according to union leaders - a figure disputed by the Government.

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Govt: Strike 'will achieve nothing and benefit no one'

This Thursday's strike action "will achieve nothing and benefit no one" and has been carried out on a flimsy mandate, the Government has said.

A Cabinet Office spokesperson said:

The vast majority of dedicated public sector workers have not voted for this week’s strike action, so it is disappointing the leadership of the unions are pushing for a strike that will achieve nothing and benefit no one.

Union leaders are relying on mandates for action that lack authority – the National Union of Teachers is relying on a ballot run nearly two years ago. As part of our long-term economic plan, this Government has been taking tough decisions to address the deficit we inherited in 2010.

One was to introduce pay restraint in the public sector, while protecting the lowest paid.

– A Cabinet Office spokesperson

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