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'One million' public sector workers go on strike

Over a million public sector workers are taking industrial action against the Government in a series of rows over pay, pensions, jobs, conditions and spending cuts, according to union leaders - a figure disputed by the Government.

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TUC: Workers £2,200 'worse off since 2010'

The average public sector worker has £2,200 less to spend from their annual salary because of the Government's "mean-spirited" pay rises, a major trade union has said.

Public sector cuts have left workers out of pocket, the TUC said. Credit: PA

Teachers, firefighters, civil servants, NHS staff and council workers were left with smaller wage packets in real terms because of four years of below inflation pay rises.

The research, published ahead of a strike by over a million public sector workers tomorrow, showed some workers were £2,245 worse off on average in real terms, with workers facing another four years of below-inflation rises.

The union organisation warned that morale among public sector workers was being "hit hard" as their pay continues to lag behind prices.

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