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MPs vote to approve controversial data retention bill

Controversial legislation in the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill has cleared the Commons after completing all of its stages in one day and being agreed at third reading 449 to 33, a majority of 416.

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Mobile and computer data evidence 'vital' against crime

The new data laws being rushed through parliament are to ensure "vital" criminal evidence against criminals can be collected, Downing Street said.

Watch: Cameron says new security services 'rely on data to disrupt terrorism'

Every major counter-terrorism investigation and 95% of CPS cases against organised crime over the past decade have used evidence from phones and computers, Number 10 said, including:

  • The murder of 11-year-old Rhys Jones, shot in the back in Liverpool in 2007. Mobile phone information showed the killers were in contact, and in key locations
  • The gang of men who groomed girls in Rochdale were prosecuted after phone data showed they were in contact with each other and their victims
  • A Europol investigation into sexual exploitation of children online identified 371 suspects in the UK, with 240 cases investigated and 121 arrests or convictions - in contrast to Germany where data is not kept, which identified 337 suspects, but investigated only seven and made no arrests

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