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Israel launches ground offensive in Gaza as air strikes continue

Israel has launched a ground offensive in Gaza with residents reporting heavy shelling in the area.

Palestinian health officials say 27 Palestinians, including a baby, two children and a 70-year-old woman, have been killed since Israel sent ground forces into the densely-populated strip of 1.8 million Palestinians.

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  1. John Ray

Israeli PM Netanyahu not in the mood for compromise

International pressure about Israeli airstrikes on Gaza is falling on deaf ears in Tel Aviv, where sirens have been sounding this evening - presumably as Hamas responds to the attacks.

President Barack Obama has called Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and offered to broker a ceasefire. Netanyahu listened politely, but that's about all he did.

sraeli firefighters tackle a fire after a rocket hits a petrol station in the city of Ashdod. Credit: Reuters

The prime minister was on national TV tonight. Although he did not say a ground invasion of Gaza was about to get under way - as many people had expected - pretty much nothing else he said hinted at any kind of compromise.

He said Israel would use "whatever means possible" to achieve its ends - and that is to silence the Hamas rockets. Now he has said it, the Israeli people will settle for nothing less.

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