Met office heard a 'loud rumble and a crashing sound'

Jersey Met Office has confirmed that the Channel Island earthquake was the "biggest for the past 90 to 100 years".

Spokesman Tony Pallot, who felt the quake, said: "We are based at Jersey Airport on the first floor of arrivals, and we suddenly heard this quite loud rumble, crashing-type sound."

Historical map showing all quakes and tremors within the Channel Islands area. Credit: British Geological society

Tim Phillips, general manager of the Club Hotel and Spa in St Helier, was in a meeting with up to 30 people when the earthquake struck.

He said: "The building shook for about 20 seconds. It wasn't violent, but it was enough to make everyone question what was happening."

Read: Channel Islands earthquake 'biggest in 90 years'


Channel Islands earthquake 'biggest in 90 years'

The biggest earthquake in Jersey and Guernsey on the Channel Islands for almost 90 years has struck, with a magnitude of 4.2.