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House of Lords debate assisted dying bill

Peers are debating former Labour Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer's assisted dying bill.

The Bill proposes allowing doctors to give a lethal dose to terminally ill patients judged to have less than six months to live.

A survey conducted for ITV's Tonight programme found 70% would support allowing assisted dying under the framework outlined by the Assisted Dying Bill.

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Right-to-die would be signed off by two doctors

If assisted dying was legalised in Britain it would have to be signed off by two doctors, a Bill set to be debated in the House of Lords next week proposes.

The Bill, drawn up by former Labour Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer, would mean patients were able to administer a fatal dose of drugs to themselves but they would not be able to receive help if they could not lift or swallow it.

The British Medical Journal published an editorial earlier this month backing the Falconer Bill.

But the British Medical Association (BMA) said its policy does not support a change in the law in assisted dying.

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