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Welby: 'Absolutely delighted' over women bishops vote

The Archbishop of Canterbury has said he is "absolutely delighted" that the church has approved legislation to introduce the first women bishops in the Church of England.

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Church prepares key vote on women bishops

The Church of England's governing body is preparing for a vote on whether to introduce women bishops at a key meeting.

Jennifer Zarek, Jean Mayland and Christine Holt from WATCH (Women And The Church) Credit: PA

Members of the General Synod will be asked to give final approval to legislation introducing women bishops, paving the way for the first female diocesan bishop in the Church of England by early next year.

The vote comes after the plan was derailed by just six votes cast by lay members in November 2012, causing shock and bitter recriminations within the Church of England and prompting threats of an intervention by Parliament.

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