Lancashire headteacher bans packed lunches

Pupils at a Lancashire primary school will not be able to bring packed lunches into school after less than 1% were found to have enough nutrition in them, a headteacher has decided.

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School lunch
Young pupils will be offered free school meals from September, under a Government scheme. Credit: PA

Ian Spencer will start the ban for all 4-7-year-old pupils this September after a visit from The Children's Food Trust Agency exposed how little nutrition was in the average lunch box.

However, some parents have hit out at the ban, arguing children with allergies need to have lunches from home if they are to eat properly and safely.

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Headteacher bans pupils from having packed lunches

A headteacher has banned pupils from bringing in packed lunches to force them eat healthy food. Ian Spencer banned lunch boxes for 4-7-year-old pupils after a visit from The Children's Food Trust Agency found less than 1% had enough nutrition.