Eighties children's show SuperTed to be remade

Eighties children's show SuperTed is set to return to our television screens. A new series of 26 episodes is underway made by Mike Young, who is hoping Melvyn Hayes and Derek Griffiths will return and resume their roles.

It is hoped Melvyn Hayes and Derek Griffiths from the original series will return to their roles. Credit: BBC

Young told the Radio Times:

"Popeye used to smash people in the face. And it was very funny. But of course there is no television network anywhere in the world that would let you do that now.

"In SuperTed, we had a gun-slinging cowboy, a flamboyantly gay skeleton and a fat guy who had jokes made about his weight. And all these things you just wouldn't do today. But you can still write the show in a funny, entertaining way."

After an absence of 30 years, the superhero is set to return to the small screen in 2016.