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UK only 'scratching the surface' on 'legal high' misuse

One of the UK's biggest drug and alcohol charities, CRI, has warned that the UK is "only scratching the surface" regarding 'legal high' misuse.

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Legal highs becoming 'drug of choice' for youngsters

Professor Fabrizio Schifano, CRI's Consultant Psychiatrist, has been at the forefront of collating evidence around the UK's legal high situation.

Speaking about the Strange Molecules campaign, he said:

When you think that the UN Office on Drugs and Crime has picked up 348 new psychoactive substances, and that new ones are being developed every week, it's clear that we are only scratching the surface of a serious public health challenge.

What's so worrying is how little is known about these substances, yet they are quickly becoming the drug of choice for many impressionable young people.

If we can dissuade them from taking these dangerous, unregulated drugs by giving them the facts, then we're already winning half the battle."

– Prof. Fabrizio Schifano.

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