Nigel Farage: Juncker is 'ultimate Brussels insider'

Nigel Farage has called incoming European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker the ultimate Brussels insider'.

ITV News Political Correspondent Carl Dinnen has tweeted during a meeting with the European Parliament:


Farage to Juncker 'You are a sociable cove with a very much better sense of humour than most people I've met in Brussels.'


But Mr Farage says Mr Juncker is the ultimate Brussels insider. Juncker looks on arms crossed.


Farage has to laugh as Juncker says at least secret ballot will hide the fact that the UKIP leader voted for him.


PM in awkward meeting with Jean-Claude Juncker

David Cameron has endured an awkward-looking encounter with Jean-Claude Juncker after failing to block his appointment to the EU's top job. The Prime Minister held one-on-one talks with the Commission President in Brussels this morning after a summit of European leaders.