British cyber-jihadist Babar Ahmad jailed in US

Babar Ahmad, a British cyber-jihadist, has been sentenced by a US court to 12-and-a-half years' imprisonment for helping support terrorism through the internet.

Ahmad, 40, had admitted conspiracy and providing material to support the Taliban.

Babar Ahmad, pictured here in orange as he appeared in a US court in 2013, has been jailed for 12.5 years. Credit: Reuters

The Londoner has already spent almost 10 years in prison in the UK and US and had been hailed as an 'exemplary prisoner' by British prison officials.

Delivering sentence at the court in New Haven, Connecticut, Judge Hall said Ahmad helped allow Osama bin Laden to be protected when he was plotting the September 11 attacks by supporting the Taliban.

She stressed that he had no knowledge of the plot however, and there was no evidence he supported bin Laden's al Qaida terrorist group.

Ahmad is expected to carry out the remainder of his sentence in New York's Metropolitan Correctional Center.