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Screen addicts 'long to switch off'

Most people who admit to "constantly" checking their phones or tablets actually crave a slower lifestyle, according to a major global study. Six out of every 10 people quizzed by Ipsos Mori said they wished their lives were simpler.

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Over half of Britons say life 'was better in the past'

Some 61% of Britons believe life was better in the past because there were "fewer problems to cope with", a major global survey found.

The Ipsos Mori Global Trends Report found:

  • More people outside of the UK believe life was better without smartphones and tablets - some 64% said they had led happier lives "in the old days when they had fewer problems to cope with".
  • Just under half of the people Ipsos Mori spoke to said they felt "overwhelmed" by the amount of consumer choice on offer as well as "all the choices about how to live my life".
  • However, most people were aware of how central technology has become to everyday life - six in ten people agreed that technology is necessary "because only this can help to solve future problems".

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