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Russia bans food imports in retaliation to sanctions

Russia has banned the importation of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and diary imports from the United States, Australia, Canada, the European Union and Norway, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said.

The measures are part of a raft of counter-measures to be imposed after the targeted nations imposed sanctions on Russia over its role in the crisis in Ukraine.

The import ban begins today and will last for one year, he added.

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Obama: 'Russia has failed' in halting weapons flow

A pro-Russian separatist stands on a tank in eastern Ukraine. Credit: REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev

President Barack Obama announced more sanctions on Russia yesterday, stating that Russia is not doing enough to halt the flow of weapons and fighters into eastern Ukraine.

Speaking to reporters at the White House he said:

These sanctions are significant, but they are also targeted, designed to have the maximum impact on Russia while limiting any spillover impact on American companies or those of our allies.

Ive repeatedly made it clear that Russia must halt the flow of weapons and fighters across the border into Ukraine.

So far, Russia has failed to take any of the steps that I mentioned.

– President Obama

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