US 'still working to determine' if citizens on plane

President Obama called a plane crash in eastern Ukraine a "terrible tragedy", at a press conference in Delaware today.

President Obama addresses press after Malaysia plane crash
President Obama addresses press after Malaysia Airlines plane crash in Ukraine Credit: RTV

Mr Obama added that the US government were working to "determine" whether there were any Americans on board the downed Malaysia Airlines flight.

He said the US would offer "any assistance" to the operation, adding that his "thoughts and prayers" were with the passengers' families.


MH17 bodies begin long journey back to Amsterdam

The bodies of flight MH17 victims have begun a long journey back to the Dutch city where they boarded the downed airliner almost five days ago amid continued diplomatic tensions over the 298 deaths. A UK expert is among international representatives waiting to start the process of identifying the remains when they arrive in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv before being flown on to Amsterdam.