Hamas rockets still firing despite Israel's ground attack

Hamas are still firing rockets 24 hours into Israel's ground offensive, ITV's Diplomatic Correspondent John Ray reports.

He tweeted five rockets were downed in Tev Aviv in the last few minutes and that one might have hit open ground.


Israeli media reporting five rockets downed over tel aviv in last few minutes. One might have hit open ground.


24 hours into Isreal's ground offensive Hamas rockets are still firing. Sirens over tel aviv and two explosions.


UN: Israeli attacks on Gaza 'could amount to war crimes'

Israel's attacks on Gaza could amount to war crimes, the United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights said. More than 600 Palestinians have been killed in the densely-populated enclave of Gaza. Another two Israeli soldiers were reported to have been killed, bringing the total to 31. The Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has told US Secretary of State John Kerry that Israel's offensive in Gaza is a "war without justification".