Rowling wants to write series 'longer than Harry Potter'

JK Rowling has revealed plans to create a series that will run for longer than her seven Harry Potter books.

The author said she hoped to write "more than" seven crime thrillers about the detective Cormoran Strike who has featured in her previous two novels.

JK Rowling said she had always been a huge fan of crime thrillers. Credit: PA

"It's pretty open ended. I really love writing, so I don't know that I've got an end point in mind," Rowling said at the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival.

"One of the things I love about this genre is unlike Harry Potter, where there was a through line, where there was an overarching story, a beginning and end, you are talking about discreet stories. So while a detective lives, you can keep giving him cases.

"I had known for a long time that I had this character in my mind, and that I wanted to write a detective series and part of me hoped that I might be able to keep it long enough, kept the story going long enough to establish a series."