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TUC: Strike ballots 'should go digital'

A leading union wants ballots to go digital so members can vote using their computers and smartphones. The TUC has written to Business Secretary Vince Cable calling for changes to bring voting on industrial action into the digital age.

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TUC: Rules on ballots 'already very stringent'

The Government has been using rhetoric designed to make it harder to strike when rules surrounding ballots were "already very stringent", according to one union chief.

TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady said

The rules governing industrial action ballots in the UK are already very stringent and while there is absolutely no case for imposing a tougher turnout threshold - that not a single Westminster MP met at the last election - unions are keen to explore ways that industrial democracy could be strengthened.

Electronic forms of vote casting would help bring union balloting into the modern age. Other UK voting systems have moved with the times, but union strike ballots are firmly stuck in the last century.

This means of communication works for some, but for many workers leading busy lives, it's all too easy for the ballot envelope to be put to one side - at best only opened after the deadline or, as is more likely, simply recycled.

– Frances O'Grady

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