Ukraine releases recording of rebels discussing plane

The Ukraine Security Service (SBU) has released what it says is a recording of a telephone conversation between pro-Russian separatists in which they admit shooting down the Malaysia Airlines plane.

Igor Bezler, a pro-Russian rebel leader, initially reports to Vasili Geranin that "cossacks" have shot down a plane.

Ukraine alleges that Geranin is a Russian intelligence agent.

In another conversation between an alleged cossack militant and his commander, the pair realise that what they had thought was a "Ukrainian cargo plane" actually had "Malaysia Airlines" written on it.

"What was it doing over the territory of Ukraine?" the militant asks.

"Well then it was bringing spies," his alleged commander says.

"Why were they flying here? This is war going on."


MH17 victims' bodies flown to the Netherlands

The first bodies from the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in Ukraine are due to be flown to the Netherlands for identification. A train carrying the bodies of victims arrived in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv yesterday. From there they will be flown to Eindhoven to be repatriated. 200 bodies were on board not the 282 claimed by rebels, a Dutch official said.