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Investigators to examine second black box from MH17

Air investigators are to examine a second black box which was recovered from flight MH17 today.

The data could reveal if the pilots were aware of a missile coming towards the plane and what happened in the last few seconds of the flight if they were able to speak.

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Woman lost brother on MH370, stepdaughter on MH17

Kaylee Mann, right, lost her brother on MH370 and her stepdaughter on MH17. Credit: AAP

An Australian woman whose brother disappeared on the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has now learned that her stepdaughter was killed on the flight thought shot down in Ukraine.

Kaylene Mann's brother Rod Burrows and sister-in-law Mary Burrows were on Flight 370 when it vanished in March.

On Friday, she found out that her stepdaughter, Maree Rizk, was killed on board Flight MH17 when it crashed in Ukraine.

Ms Mann's other brother Greg Burrows said news of the second tragedy to hit the family has "ripped our guts again".

"She just lost a brother and now a stepdaughter," he said.

Ms Rizk and her husband Albert were returning home from a holiday in Europe.

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