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Campaign to encourage legal downloads to be launched

Entertainment companies and internet providers are set to launch a major campaign to persuade UK consumers to use legal download sites.

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Campaign to show that piracy 'isn't a victimless crime'

A campaign to educate UK consumers on legal downloads will make people understand that piracy "isn't a victimless crime", Business Secretary Vince Cable said.

A new scheme targeting illegal downloads has been supported by the government. Credit: PA

The government has pledged £3.5 million to the scheme which is also supported by entertainment companies and internet providers.

Welcoming the drive, Mr Cable said: "Education is at the heart of this drive so people understand that piracy isn't a victimless crime - but actually causes business to fail, harms the industry and costs jobs."

Culture Secretary Sajid Javid also welcomed the scheme, saying it would "raise awareness of copyright" and legal ways to access content.

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