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Investigators to examine second black box from MH17

Air investigators are to examine a second black box which was recovered from flight MH17 today.

The data could reveal if the pilots were aware of a missile coming towards the plane and what happened in the last few seconds of the flight if they were able to speak.

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Hammond: We will seek tougher sanctions on Russia

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has said the UK will lead efforts towards tougher sanctions on Russia following the MH17 plane crash.

Speaking to the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, Mr Hammond said the "entire international community is ranged against Russia" in the wake of the crash.

He claimed the Russians were engaged in "obfuscation and obstruction" and were "doing nothing" to help facilitate the investigation into the incident.

Philip Hammond warned of further sanctions if Russia does not help the MH17 investigation.

He also said some countries who had previously been unwilling to impose sanctions may now be more open to tougher action.

"I hope that the shock of this incident will see them now more engaged, more willing to take the actions that are necessary to bring home to the Russians that when you do this kind of thing it has consequences," he said.

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