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Investigators to examine second black box from MH17

Air investigators are to examine a second black box which was recovered from flight MH17 today.

The data could reveal if the pilots were aware of a missile coming towards the plane and what happened in the last few seconds of the flight if they were able to speak.

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21 more bodies recovered from Ukraine plane crash

21 more bodies have been found around the area where Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was downed last week, killing all 298 people on board.

Local rescue workers piled 21 black body bags by the side of the road in Hrabove early this morning. It is unclear when they will be transported to refrigerated traini cars in Torez, where the other bodies are being held.

Torez station this morning, where the bodies of those who died in the crash are being stored. Credit: ITV News

International anger over the treatment of the bodies and delays in the investigation and access to the crash site have grew over the weekend.

Pro-Russian rebels put nearly 200 bodies into four refrigerated boxcars in Torez yesterday, and cranes were seen at the crash site, moving chunks of the plane.

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Three members of a Dutch disaster relief team has arrived in Donetsk, and is expected to visit Torez today. The Dutch foreign minister said the nation was "furious" to hear that bodies were being "dragged around".

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