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UN school in Gaza hit by shelling for second time

A United Nations school sheltering people who have fled Israeli airstrikes in Gaza has been hit by shelling from Israeli shelling, the UN said.

Fighting has now been raging for 16 days and has left more than 650 dead.

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  1. John Irvine

Battle in Gaza developing a 'dangerous dynamic'

The seven killed today brings to 25 the number of Israeli soldiers lost since Saturday and that's a lot for them. Several of those soldiers were buried after funerals here today.

The Israeli incursion into Gaza has evolved into a ground war which, of course, Hamas is getting to fight on home turf.

The battle, I think, is developing a dangerous dynamic of its own and that will be hard to stop.

Several Arab countries and the Americans are trying to thrash out some sort of framework for a deal. The difficulty is that while the Israelis will exchange quiet-for-quiet, Hamas will not.

They have pre-conditions for a ceasefire, which the Israelis will not sign up to. They're worried that any concessions will be construed by Hamas as a victory, so the war goes on.

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