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UN school in Gaza hit by shelling for second time

A United Nations school sheltering people who have fled Israeli airstrikes in Gaza has been hit by shelling from Israeli shelling, the UN said.

Fighting has now been raging for 16 days and has left more than 650 dead.

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Hamas: We are a legitimate resistance movement

An Israeli mobile artillery unit fires towards the Gaza Strip July 21, 2014. Credit: Reuters

The Head of International Relations for Hamas, Osama Hamdan, has issued this statement via NBC News:

Gaza is filled with international journalists; every single news network has a presence there.

Yet, not a single one of these journalists has reported seeing any weapons or rockets or any Qassam fighters in or around any of the dozens of hospitals schools or mosques destroyed or bombed by Israel.

The worlds best and most renowned journalists visited the hospital for the handicapped that Israel bombed they didn't see rocket launchers or Qassam fighters.

What they saw was the most vulnerable defenseless and innocent humans murdered by a terrorist state.

– Osama Hamdan

As for the targeting of civilians, the numbers speak for themselves. Till now, Israel has murdered more than 550 people in Gaza; according to the UN 80 percent of those are civilians, hundreds of them women and children.

So it is Netanyahu and his army of war criminals that have targeted and continue to target innocent and defenseless civilians.

As for Hamas every single Israeli killed by its fighters or its rockets except one have been soldiers in uniform on duty fully armed and on the battlefield.

The facts are there for all to see. Hamas is a legitimate resistance movement.

Israel is the aggressor.

– Osama Hamdan

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