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'Clear evidence' of extremist views in Birmingham schools

A Government-ordered inquiry into the "Trojan horse" allegations in Birmingham found "clear evidence" that there are number of people, associated with each other and in positions of authority within schools who "espouse, endorse or fail to challenge extremist views".

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Parents felt they would be speaking out 'against Islam'

Parents felt they would be speaking out 'against Islam' Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Many parents thought they would be speaking out "against Islam" if they had questioned changes to the school curriculum at Oldknow Academy, a parent has said.

Mr Mohammed Zabar - a parent with a 10-year-old daughter at Oldknow - said the government report brought him "relief" that he had not overreacted after querying decisions made by the school.

Changes such as cancelling Christmas festivities and the teaching of Arabic over other foreign languages, were some of those challenged by Mr Zabar.

After the Clarke report was published, Mr Zabar said: "I think it now comes to a question of who was responsible for what."

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