Town threatens jail for wearing low slung trousers

Wearing low slung trousers that expose underwear or bare buttocks could lead to jail time under new laws passed by a town in central Florida.

Pharrell Williams might face a fine for his low slung trousers. Credit: PA

Fed up with the low-cut look, council members in Ocala voted unanimously to approve a by-law that bans anyone on city property from wearing pants two inches below their natural waist.

So from now on anyone caught wearing sagging pants on roads, pavements, parks and a variety of other city owned property, could be charged.

Councilwoman Mary Rich, who proposed the law, told Florida's WFTV: "I just think it's disgraceful to show your underwear."

But City Attorney Patrick Gilligan told the Ocala Star Banner newspaper that Police are expected to issue warnings at first.

However, repeat offenders face a $500 fine or jail time.