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People killed by terrorism 'risen by nearly a third'

The amount of people who have been killed in acts of terrorism across the world has risen by nearly a third over the last twelve months, British experts have found. Risk analysis company Maplecroft found over the last 12 months, global deaths have risen 30% compared to the previous five-year average.

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Investor confidence 'has been hurt' by terrorism

Investor confidence "has been hurt" by terrorist attacks carried out in emerging economies rich in natural resources, an expert has warned.

Jordan Perry, a principal political risk analyst at Maplecroft, said:

Libya, Kenya and Egypt are among a handful of countries to witness a significant increase in risk...and investor confidence in key sectors, including tourism and oil and gas, has been hurt.

When faced with rising security costs and decreasing safety for their personnel, companies can, and do, reconsider their country-level commitments.

– Jordan Perry

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