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Britain 'exporting millions of pounds of arms to Russia'

The UK is continuing to export weapons worth tens of millions of pounds and other dual-use military equipment to Russia, despite concerns Moscow is supplying separatist rebels with weapons, MPs have warned.

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MPs warn Britain is still 'exporting arms to Russia'

The UK continues to export millions of pounds of weapons and dual-use military equipment to Russia, despite accusations Moscow has been arming separatist rebels in Ukraine, MPs have warned.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been accused of escalating violence in neighbouring Ukraine by supplying arms to rebels. Credit: PA

The Commons Committees on Arms Export Controls (CAEC) found 251 export licenses had been issued, and were still in use, for £132 million in controlled goods to be sold to Russia.

Only 31 licenses had been revoked or suspended since former foreign secretary William Hague promised to stop military sales to Russia in March earlier this year, CAEC said.

Among the licences which remained valid were permits covering sniper rifles, night sights, small arms ammunition, gun mountings, body armour, military communications equipment, and "equipment employing cryptography".

CAEC chairman Sir John Stanley said: "Russia is an authoritarian regime. We should have been applying a more cautious approach for some time in regard to Russia."

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