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People killed by terrorism 'risen by nearly a third'

The amount of people who have been killed in acts of terrorism across the world has risen by nearly a third over the last twelve months, British experts have found. Risk analysis company Maplecroft found over the last 12 months, global deaths have risen 30% compared to the previous five-year average.

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Terrorism increases 'in China, Egypt, Kenya and Libya'

China, Egypt, Kenya and Libya are most likely to experience significant increases in terrorist attacks, according to risk experts.

Maplecroft's Terrorism and Security Dashboard found:

  • Twelve countries are classed as "extreme risk"; Iraq topped the list, followed by Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Libya.
  • It also includes the growth economies of Nigeria, the Philippines, Colombia and Kenya.
  • Iraq, rated as the highest risk country, recorded more than three times as many acts of terrorism as Pakistan with 3,158 attacks resulting in 5,929 deaths - an increase of 2,188 on the previous year.
  • In Nigeria, the campaign of violence by Islamic militant group Boko Haram saw the country record the highest number of fatalities per attack, resulting in 3,477 killed - an average of 24 people killed per attack, compared to two deaths per attack in Iraq.

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