Netanyahu: UN human rights probe 'a travesty of justice'

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hit out at the United Nations Human Rights Council for their decision to stage an international inquiry into alleged violations by the Israeli military committed during the 16 day offensive against Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking alongside Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond. Credit: Reuters

In a joint press conference with Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, he said he regretted the number of civilian deaths, but said responsibility lies with Hamas for using "human shields".

He pledged the UN inquiry would not prevent the military from achieving their objectives against Hamas.

It is a travesty of justice, it is a travesty of fairness, it is travesty of common sense, it is a travesty of truth.

It will not prevent us from continuing to defend our people, to protect them against rocket attacks and to dismantle the vast terror tunnel network that we have seen that is geared to penetrate our territory.

– Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu