Unicef: Nowhere is safe for children in Gaza right now

Nowhere is currently safe for children in Gaza, Unicef has said after a UN-run school was hit by shelling - leaving at least 16 people dead.

"There is nowhere safe for children and their families in Gaza right now," Pernille Ironside, head of Unicef's office in Gaza, said.

A Palestinian boy cries after a UN-run school was hit by shelling earlier. Credit: Reuters

"There are lasting emotional and physical scars that children are bearing across Gaza Strip.

"I saw four-year-old Shima in the hospital the other day, and she was longing for her mother and her siblings, all of whom died as they were seeking shelter, leaving their home in search of a safer place, and only Shima and her father survived."

A ceasefire is needed so people in desperate need of humanitarian aid can be reached, the organisation added.