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Support for new homes 'increasing as Nimbyism dies out'

Support for new building new homes is increasing as a result of government planning reforms, a minister has claimed.

Planning minister Brandon Lewis said there is "a changing mind-set" when it comes to major housing schemes, hinting that the "Not In My Backyard" attitude (NIMBY) has changed.

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New planning system 'puts local people in control'

Last year saw a 23% rise in applications for major housing projects, the Planning Minister has said.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Brandon Lewis argues that 'Nimbyism' - where people oppose construction in their area - was on the decline.

He said the fact 216,000 new homes had received planning permission in 2013 showed the success of the Government's planning reforms.

"The new planning system puts local people in control, so if they want to build more homes, they will," he says.

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