Cyclist shows effects of gruelling Tour de France

These pictures posted by Polish Tour de France competitor Bartosz Huzarski after the 18th stage show just how gruelling the competition is.

Bartosz Huzarski posted this picture of his legs after the 18th stage. Credit: Facebook

The photograph on his Facebook page sparked shocked reactions on social media claiming his legs were "unhealthy" and "unnatural."

But the 33-year-old wrote on his Facebook page it was normal for him and joked he "would never have legs like a Victoria's Secret model."

He said: "I did not expect that picture of my legs would cause the confusion it did.

Bartosz Huzarski during the Tour de France. Credit: PA

“For me it’s totally not a revelation, because I can see this view - maybe not everyday – but still often, especially after a hard race at high temperature.

“People write and think different things, “that is impossible”, “that is not normal”, “it is unhealthy”, refer to doping, etc.

"Of course I will not have legs like models Victoria's Secret, or Ms.Mary from a nearby vegetable shop, or anyone who spending in the office half a day and 3 times a week will do 10 km bike or goes to an hour run."