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Ukraine government suspends MH17 crash site truce

The Ukrainian government has suspended a ceasefire in the area surrounding the MH17 crash site after the recovery mission was halted yesterday, Reuters reported.

The Netherlands halted the operation because of fighting in eastern Ukraine, the Dutch prime minister announced yesterday.

Mark Rutte told journalists in The Hague the risk posed to the team of 70 Australian, Dutch and Malaysian experts was too great to continue working in the area.

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MH17 victim's brother describes family's pain

The brother of a British man killed in the MH17 disaster has described his family's pain as they endure a long wait for the return of his body.

Cameron Dalziel, who had dual British and South African nationality, was one of 10 British nationals on flight MH17 when it was shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17.

Cameron Dalziel was among 10 British victims of the disaster. Credit: Facebook

The father-of-two's brother Campbell told the Sunday Times that Cameron's wife is "absolutely distraught" since the crash.

He hit out at the treatment of the 298 victims, whose bodies lay abandoned in a field close to the crash site in the days after the incident.

"They had been lying in a strange field in a conflict zone, abandoned for four days while investigators were prevented from going to retrieve their dead," he said.

"So the professionalism and dignity of how they were honoured as fallen soldiers was such a stark contrast to the days after the crash."

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