Philippines welcomes 100 millionth baby with cake

A baby girl named Chonalyn has made history as the 100 millionth person born into the Philippines' population - though reaching the milestone has raised concerns for one of Asia's fastest-growing populations.

Officials in the world's 12th most populous country welcomed its newest citizen with cake and gifts after she was born at 12:35am local time at a weight of around 6lb 2oz at the Jose Fabella hospital in Manila.

Chonalyn and her mother Dailin Duras Cabigayan were showered with cake and infant clothes after the historic birth in Manila. Credit: Reuters/Romeo Ranoco

A spokesman for the United Nations Population Fund said the Philippines faced challenges and opportunities to provide health and education to a now nine-figure population in which 54 per cent are under the age of 25.

"It is important to emphasise that population is not merely a matter of numbers, but of human rights and opportunities," Klaus Beck said.

Dailin, who works as a maid, received a unique certificate to treasure. Credit: Reuters/Romeo Ranoco