WHO: Ebola death toll rises to more than 2,700

A total of 2,793 people have now died from Ebola, the World Health Organisation said.

The organisation reported 5,762 cases across five countries, but said the Ebola outbreak was "pretty much contained" in Senegal and Nigeria.

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Police guard Ebola clinic after 'cannibalistic' claims

Police are having to guard an Ebola clinic in Sierra Leone after allegations by a former nurse that the virus was invented to conceal "cannibalistic rituals" there.

Medical staff are seen at the Ebola treatment centre in Kenema where security has increased. Credit: Reuters

Thousands gathered outside the country's main treatment centre in Kenema threatening to burn it down and remove the patients, after hearing the former nurse claim that the disease was "unreal and a gimmick aimed at carrying out cannibalistic rituals".

Officers fired tear gas to disperse the angry crowds, a regional police chief said.

The increased security comes after Nigeria placed all of its entry ports on "red alert" after a Liberian man died after arriving at Lagos airport last week, in the first case in the country.

At least 660 people have died from the illness across Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and Nigeria.

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