Simon Pegg: People who have affairs are 'utterly stupid'

Hot Fuzz star Simon Pegg slammed people who have affairs as "utterly stupid" but admitted that Hollywood stars can be tempted.

Simon Pegg with his wife Maureen McCann. Credit: Ian West/PA

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday's Event magazine, he said: "If you do that - and people do - you are stupid. You are absolutely utterly stupid because what you are doing is just giving in to a carnal desire."

He added: "The temptation is to feel a bit pleased with yourself and flattered. You have to stop yourself. If you risk your happiness for a fleeting moment then you are an idiot."

Pegg who said he is happily married to wife Maureen McCann with whom he has a young daughter, Matilda, added becoming a Hollywood star has made him realise what matters in life.

He said "So many people believe fame equates to success, equates to happiness. But you can be very famous and very miserable; or very successful and very sad."