Gaza: Palestinians mark Eid in brief respite from fire

Palestinians in Gaza have marked the holiday of Eid al-Fitr as the territory appeared to be given at least some respite from weeks of attacks.

Worshippers in a Rafah mosque, which witnesses said was hit by an Israeli air strike. Credit: Reuters

The usual celebrations associated with the holiday were replaced in many parts with sadness and despair after an Israeli ground offensive thought to have killed 1,000 in the region in the last three weeks.

Refugees, wearing Palestinian traditional headscarves and carrying black flags, attend a demonstration calling for an end to the Israeli offensive. Credit: Reuters

Many mourned at the graves of lost loved ones, while demonstrations were also held against the Israeli occupancy.

A woman and girl carry flowers to a family grave. Credit: Reuters

Normally on Eid, the streets would be filled with playing children. Today the streets were largely empty and the usual fireworks were eschewed after the hail of rocket fire coming from both sides of the border in recent weeks.