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Parking charges driving motorists to distraction, say RAC

Motorists are feeling the squeeze on parking charges, with as many as four out of five reporting increased prices for spaces in towns and cities, the RAC has found.

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One in five drivers 'now paying for formerly free space'

Some 22% of drivers have had to start paying for a parking spot that was once free, a survey from a national car insurer has found.

According to the RAC:

  • Some 24% said traffic wardens were now more active in their area.
  • In addition, 41% of motorists believed that the local authority where they lived used the revenue from parking charges to subsidise other areas of non-motoring expenditure.
  • A total 65% of motorists reported even when they finally find a space to park, it was too small for today's breed of cars, many of which are wider than previous generations of vehicle because of the addition of side-impact protection features.

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