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Putin judo partner among Russians hit by sanctions

Three long-time Putin associates are among the list of individuals who have been hit with new European Union sanctions, including Putin's former judo partner Arkady Rotenberg.

Eight Russians, and companies including Russian National Commercial Bank were targeted with the new sanctions.

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  1. Carl Dinnen

The West prepares for major new sanctions on Russia

There's been a real injection of steel into the West's approach to Russia today the most visible aspect of it that Nato exercise which will take place in Poland in October.

The Defence Secretary and Foreign Secretary were in Warsaw today to announce that 1,300 British troops would be there - ostensibly to reassure eastern European allies, but, of course, there was a big message to Russia within that, that Nato will defend its borders.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and Defence Secretary Michael Fallon in Warsaw today.

The phone call between the Prime Minister, President Obama and the leaders of France, Germany and Italy today agreed that Russia had failed to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine and that the EU should move as swiftly as possible to major new sanctions.

That means tomorrow when there's a meeting on this in Brussels and the expectation is that much more substantial sanctions will come into place across broad sectors of the Russian economy.

Finally, a reminder tomorrow that, very sadly, this is about people as the relatives of victims of the MH17 crash visit Downing St.

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