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Ukraine government suspends MH17 crash site truce

The Ukrainian government has suspended a ceasefire in the area surrounding the MH17 crash site after the recovery mission was halted yesterday, Reuters reported.

The Netherlands halted the operation because of fighting in eastern Ukraine, the Dutch prime minister announced yesterday.

Mark Rutte told journalists in The Hague the risk posed to the team of 70 Australian, Dutch and Malaysian experts was too great to continue working in the area.

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Kerry: Russian separatists 'disrespect human decency'

Pro-Russian separatists are showing "an appalling disrespect for human decency" in carrying on fighting close to the MH17 crash site, US secretary of state John Kerry has said.

John Kerry has accused Russian separatists of having an appalling lack of decency. Credit: Reuters

Speaking at a press conference with the Ukrainian foreign minister Pavlo Klimkin, he said: "The fact that not all the remains of the victims of the Malaysian Airlines disaster in Ukraine had yet been recovered had placed "an unsupportable burden on families."

He added that Russian president Vladimir Putin had a choice about whether he choice about whether he could make a difference.

"It's absolutely important that separatists stand back to allow access to the site," he said. "It is 10 days since the crash and investigators have still not received full, unfettered access to the crash site. They have no way of collecting debris."

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