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EU immigrants benefits to be limited to three months

European immigrants will only be able to claim benefits for three months unless they have serious job prospects under plans outlined by David Cameron.

The plans will build on changes announced in January that mean European migrants have to wait three months after arriving in Britain before claiming out-of-work benefits.

After that three months, migrants will now only be able to claim benefits for three months unless they have "very clear job prospects" - a cut from the six months of claiming announced in January.

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Labour: David Cameron has failed on immigration

David Cameron has failed to fulfil his promise to get net migration down to tens of thousands, the shadow Home Secretary has said.

Yvette Cooper says Labour has been calling for tougher restrictions for 18 months. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Speaking following the Prime Minister's announcement of fresh curbs on benefits for migrants, Yvette Cooper said Labour called for tougher benefit restrictions nearly 18 months ago.

"We need less talk from the Prime Minister on immigration and more action," she said.

"The Government should get a grip and finally implement Labour's proposals to stop the undercutting of wages and jobs for local workers by the exploitation of low-skilled migrant labour, including banning recruitment agencies that only hire foreign workers and pressing for stronger controls in Europe."

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