Rumble of jets continues across the skies of Gaza

By Dan Rivers: ITV News Correspondent

We've had a number of enormous explosions very near our hotel. I'm just watching several buildings that are still on fire after they were hit about two hours ago just near the port in Gaza.

We've seen targets being hit across Gaza; a pro-Hamas TV station, the finance ministry, the house of a former prime minister, all being hit by, we think, F-16s dropping what sounded like very large missiles or bombs.

Palestinians stand in front of a mosque which witnesses said was hit in an Israeli air strike. Credit: REUTERS/Suhaib Salem

The rumble of jets is still continuing across the skies of Gaza.

I think a ceasefire at the moment is looking completely dead. We've got to wait and see whether Israeli ground troops move further into Gaza City itself or whether this will largely continue to be a war from the skies