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Labour: PM 'forcing through NHS privatisation'

Labour will accuse David Cameron of misleading the public over his plans to privatise the NHS in England and call for contracts putting the service "up for sale" to be frozen until after the general election.

Andy Burnham will claim the Prime Minister was "not up front" about his intentions for reform during the 2010 campaign, leaving voters with no say.

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Tories: Burnham 'posturing' over NHS privatisation

A Conservative Party spokesman accused Labour of posturing:

This speech is all about politics - it's not a serious plan for the future of the NHS.

Use of the private sector by the NHS doubled in the last four years of Labour, a far bigger increase than under this Government.

Andy Burnham himself signed off the privatisation of Hinchingbrooke Hospital during Labour's final year so it is pure political posturing to try to interfere with doctors making the best clinical judgments for patients.

The most important thing with NHS care is that it is high quality and free at the point of delivery.

Because of the realistic assessments this Government has made on public spending, we've been able to do exactly that.

We've increased health spending, increased the number of doctors and reduced the number of managers.

– Conservative party spokesman

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