PM: Two-state solution beginning to look impossible

David Cameron says the "facts on the ground" are "beginning to make a two-state solution impossible" in the Middle East.

David Cameron pledged an additional £3 million to Gaza relief. Credit: PA

The Prime Minister announced an extra £3 million aid for Gaza today as he again called for an unconditional ceasefire to stop the conflict.

David Cameron said Britain had already given £7 million in aid but, questioned about the conflict at an event today, added the additional help was to "make sure the people in Gaza have the basic necessities of life, the food, the shelter and the assistance that they need".

He again repeated the call for both Israel and Hamas to put down their weapons - but blamed Hamas for breaking ceasefires.

"We should be very clear that we want an unconditional, immediate, humanitarian ceasefire that applies to everybody," he said.