WHO: Ebola death toll rises to more than 2,700

A total of 2,793 people have now died from Ebola, the World Health Organisation said.

The organisation reported 5,762 cases across five countries, but said the Ebola outbreak was "pretty much contained" in Senegal and Nigeria.

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Ebola: 'Unlikely' to reach Europe says expert

A scientist has said the deadly Ebola virus is "unlikely to spread to Europe".

Professor Peter Piot, who helped discover the virus in the 1970s, said the likelihood the epidemic could spread in the UK was "very, very, very low".

This comes as border staff expressed concerns over what they should do if they suspected someone had Ebola.

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Border staff had expressed concerns over how to look for Ebola symptoms but leading scientist Professor Peter Piot has said the virus is "unlikely" to arrive in the UK. Credit: PA

"When someone is extremely ill - that is when they are very infectious, but at that stage patients can hardly move - they are not mobile," he said.

"Here, because of our infection control and standards in hospitals, I think that the likelihood that would give rise to an epidemic is very, very, very low."

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