WHO: Ebola death toll rises to more than 2,700

A total of 2,793 people have now died from Ebola, the World Health Organisation said.

The organisation reported 5,762 cases across five countries, but said the Ebola outbreak was "pretty much contained" in Senegal and Nigeria.

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Scientist: I would sit next to Ebola sufferer on Tube

A scientist who helped discover the Ebola virus has said he would not be worried about sitting next to an infected person on the Tube.

Professor Peter Piot told the Times he was not concerned about the virus spreading to Britain as a major epidemic outside west Africa was unlikely.

Professor Peter Piot helped discover the Ebola virus in 1976. Credit: PA Wire

“I wouldn’t be worried to sit next to someone with Ebola virus on the Tube as long as they don’t vomit on you or something. This is an infection that requires very close contact,” the Belgian professor said.

Some 672 people have died across west Africa in the largest ever outbreak of Ebola, prompting concerns that Ebola could spread further.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said it was "most unlikely" that the disease could come to Britain, but said he was treating the outbreak as a "very serious threat".

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