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Nato 'vulnerable' to Russian threat, MPs warn

Russia's destabilisation of Ukraine has exposed "serious deficiencies" in Nato's preparedness to deal with a military threat from its former Cold War adversary, a parliamentary report has warned.

While the risk of a conventional military assault by Russia on a Nato member state remains "low", the danger of an unconventional attack using the kind of "ambiguous warfare" tactics deployed by President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine is "more substantial", the House of Commons Defence Committee said.

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UK: Russian aggression against Ukraine can't be ignored

A government spokesman said:

Since the crisis in Ukraine began, all Nato Allies have contributed to the Alliance's response. As this report recognises, a direct attack by Russia on a Nato state is unlikely, but Russian aggression against Ukraine cannot be ignored.

So the UK is demonstrating our clear commitment to Allies and partners in eastern Europe. We have deployed UK Typhoon aircraft to the Baltic states and over 1,300 UK personnel will participate in a range of major military exercises across eastern Europe.

In addition to this, the further package of economic sanctions against Russia announced this week, across defence, finance and high-tech energy goods, continues to show that there are costs for its actions to destabilise Ukraine.

In the run up to the Nato summit in Wales, the UK are negotiating across the Alliance to ensure Nato can continue to be at the forefront of building stability in a unpredictable world.

– Government spokesman

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