'Woman in Black's' mysterious journey comes to an end

A woman wearing black robes who has been walking across America has ended her journey - but the reason behind her trip remains a mystery, NBC News reports.

The reason behind the 'Woman in Black's' journey remains a mystery. Credit: Where is the Mysterious Woman in Black?/Facebook

The woman was reportedly spotted in US states Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia and Virginia, where her journey finished. She arrived in Winchester yesterday and police decided to escort her to an unknown location after dozens of fans were waiting for her.

Police told News4 the woman wants to remain in the city and be part of the community but now wants to be left alone.

The reason for her trip is still unknown although police reportedly said her journey was related to faith and religion.

Earlier this week, a man called Raymond Poles told Reuters he was the woman's brother and claimed the woman in black was Elizabeth Potts - a 54-year-old army veteran, mother-of-two and widow.